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SALAD 日式沙拉

(T29) Yasai Salad 什锦蔬菜沙拉                                                       ​£4.90​
(Mixed Vegetables with Home-made Japanese Dressing)

(T30) Avocado & Samphire Salad 欧式香菜沙拉                            ​£6.00​
(Avocado, Roast Cherry Tomatoes and Samphire Salad
with Moromiso Dressing)


(T31) Tofu Seaweed Salad 日本软豆腐海草沙拉                           ​£6.00​
(Chilled Silken Tofu and Japanese Seaweed Salad)

(T32) Kamo Salad 日本炭烤鸭胸肉沙拉                                          ​£7.80​
(Cold Roasted Aromatic Duck Breast and Mixed Baby
Leaves Salad with Yuzu Dressing)

(T33) Spicy Sashimi Salad 辣汁生鱼片沙拉                                   ​£8.80​
(Assorted Sashimi and Mixed Green Leaves Salad with
Spicy Lemon Dressing)

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