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(T34) Jab Chae 韩式炒粉条                                                               ​£6.90​
(Stir Fried Glass Noodle with Black Fungus and Mixed
Vegetables in Korean Style)

(T35) Buta Kimchi 泡菜五花肉                                                           ​£7.50​
(Stir Fried Kimchi with Sliced Pork Belly in Korean Style)

(T36) Bulgogi 韩式炒牛肉                                                                   ​£7.80​

(Grilled Marinated BBQ Beef with Glass Noodles and
Vegetables in Korean Style)

(T37) Dark Bulgogi 韩式炒鸡肉                                                         ​£7.80​
(Grilled Spicy Marinated BBQ Chicken with Vegetables in
Korean Style)

(T38) Seafood Yakisoba 什锦海鲜炒面                                           ​£7.80​
(Stir Fried Soba Noodle with Mixed Seafood and

(T39) Chicken Yakiudon 日式鸡肉炒乌冬面                                   ​£7.80​
(Stir Fired Udon Noodle with Roasted Chicken and Mixed

(T40) Chicken Ramen 日式鸡肉拉面                                              ​£8.00​
(Roasted Chicken and Ramen Noodle in Soup)

(T41) Spicy beef Ramen 辣味牛肉拉面                                          ​£8.50​
(Roasted Beef and Ramen Noodle in Soup)

(T42) Prawn Tempura Udon 鲜虾天服罗乌冬                               ​£8.80​
(Prawn Tempura and Udon Noodle in Soup)

(T43) Tonkatsu Don 日式猪排饭                                                      ​£9.00​
(Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with Japanese Plum Sauce and Rice)

(T44) Chicken Katsu Curry Don 咖喱鸡排饭                                  ​£9.00​
(Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet with Curry Sauce and Rice)


(T45) Chicken Teriyaki Don 照烧鸡腿肉饭                                     ​£9.50​
(Grilled Chicken Leg with Teriyaki Sauce and Rice)

(T46) Salmon Teriyaki Don 照烧三文鱼柳饭                                  ​£11.50​
(Grilled Salmon Fillet with Teriyaki Sauce and Rice)


(T47) Beef Teriyaki Don 照烧沙朗牛排饭                                        ​£13.50​
(Grilled Beef Sirloin Steak with Teriyaki Sauce and Rice)

(T48) Salmon Ikura Don 三文鱼亲子饭                                           ​£10.50​
(Salmon Sashimi & Salmon Roe on the Bed of Sushi Rice)


(T49) Chirashi Zushi 混合生鱼饭                                                    ​£12.50​
(Fine Selection of Assorted Sashimi on the Bed of Sushi Rice)

(T50) Black Cod 秘制味增银鳕鱼                                                    ​£18.50​
(Grilled Black Cod Marinated with Sweet Miso)

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