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----MAIN DISH----


Jab Chae

Stir-fried glass noodles with BBQ beef, vegetables and sweet soy sauce


Tofu Kimchi

Stir-fried sliced pork belly with kimchi and spicy sauce served with tofu


Rib Eye  

Grilled rib eye with fruity garlic soy dipping sauce 



Marinated Beef ribs in fruity soy sauce on the onion ring serve on grill



Grilled marinated beef with vegetable


Dark Bulgogi

Grilled spicy marinated BBQ chicken with vegetables


Daeji Bulgogi

Grilled spicy marinated BBQ pork belly with vegetables



Grilled BBQ pork belly and lettuce leaves,Served with chilli, garlic and Korean soy bean dipping


Ojingoh Bokkum

Sliced calamari & vegetables sautéed in spicy honey chilli sauce


Saewoo Bokkum

Stir fried crispy tiger prawn with Korean sweet chilli sauce




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