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Spicy pickled Chinese leaves


Oi Kimchi  

Spicy pickled cucumber



Steamed bean sprout touch of garlic and sesame oil


Spicy pickled radish



Seasonal vegetables (bean-sprout, spinach, radish)



Seasoned Roasted seaweed


Pa Jeon

Pan-fried Spring onion and seafood pancake


Kimchi Jeon

Traditional Korean style pan-fried kimchi pancake


Kan Poong Gi

Korean style crispy chicken with plum chilli sauce


Saewoo Kan Poonggi

Korean style tempura with spice dressing


Deok Bokki

Fried rice cake, fish cake and mixed vegetable in spicy sauce


Gun Man Du(6 pieces)

Homemade pan-fried pork and vegetable dumplings


Yasai Gyoza(6 pieces)

Homemade pan-fried vegetable dumplings


Prawn Gyoza(6 pieces) 

Homemade pan-fried prawn and vegetable dumplings



Korean raw beef (strips) with sliced pears & egg yolk



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