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Green Tea Mojito

Fresh mint, green tea infused sugar syrup, pressed lime juice, rum and a splash of fresh apple juice. Try a twist on the standard
mojito by making it with green tea.


Vodka, lychee juice, fresh Ginger, rose water and a tiny dash of pomegranate syrup. The signature cocktail, with balanced
sweetness and flowery notes that tease your sense.

Chilli San

Vodka, mango juice, and fresh jalapeno chilli with hint of sweet white syrup. The fruit juice and chilli is blended together nicely,
to give you an exciting and delicious taste. Let it add a bit of spice to your life.

Wasabi Martini

Vodka, fresh lime and lemon juice, sugar cane syrup and home-made wasabi paste. Wonderfully balanced with spicy heat and a zesty finish.

Blushing Geisha

Little Blanc enhanced by wild hibiscus, champagne and Japanese sparkling sake. See the geisha only blushing for you.

Sushi Bartender’s Breakfast

Fresh cucumber muddle with elderflower cordial, fresh lemon and gin and charged with a splash of Japanese sparkling sake. A
long, cool, refreshing and unique taste drink before your dinner.

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